The fresh new effect of your own the latest AgID Advice

The fresh new effect of your own the latest AgID Advice

Metadata to own file government and you can conservation

Used, the fresh group of metadata that include a document, first-in the fresh new document administration program then in the maintenance system, try arranged predicated on right criteria and you will requirements and from the brand new document alone. It is such as the information on the back of a file folder which allows me to understand whether or not we’ll discover the data our company is wanting into the you to definitely folder or otherwise not.

Even in the event a couple of metadata could easily become composed of a wide variety of guidance, if goal should be to guarantee effective government and you may preservation inside the range which have latest statutes , it’s important to stick to perfect criteria and you may criteria.

Descriptive metadata

Detailed metadata, because it’s easy to guess, aims to define the fresh file or digital object to which it are associated, to facilitate their lookup and you can recovery . Read more