Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) is actually Rin’s more youthful, fraternal twin-brother

Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) is actually Rin’s more youthful, fraternal twin-brother

A level arrow and kind-hearted naturally, he could be the youngest person to actually ever admission this new Exorcist degree examination, reaching a good Meister inside Doctor and you may Dragoon, and later will get an instructor from the Real Mix Academy, in which the guy ironically turns out practise their more mature sister about ways the newest Exorcist.


Yukio features teal vision and you may darkish hair. His most notable trait is actually a couple of moles under his left eye and something you to under their lips.

Regarding the anime, Yukio can be seen with a mysterious black colored mark on underneath from his leftover case which is now starting to give throughout his human anatomy. This might possess something you should carry out with his new birthright while the Satan’s kid and the Demonic efforts he had been designed to possess shared with Rin, since Yukio was shown starting their each day comparison therefore responded, although mark was never ever completely informed me regarding the cartoon (even in the event Shura appeared to be worried from the vision from it).

On cartoon, since awakening his Demonic vitality within the event 22, Yukio today and contains the same Demonic provides due to the fact their brother, Rin, while in its human function (age.g. the brand new a little indicated ears and you may sharper canines). While in their Demon form, the guy too have a bluish flame, elf-instance ears, and you will fangs.


Although they is actually twins, Yukio is sometimes listed is the exact opposite regarding Rin, and Ryuji actually claims that he discovers it tough to think they are related. Read more